Joe Bampton

Joe Bampton studied at The Slade School of Fine Art * London from 1992-96, working under
Professor Stuart Brisley and John Hilliard. Since graduating he has exhibited in London,
Liverpool, Paris and Berlin. 

Using paint as a sculptural medium he casts and reproduces found artefacts such as
paintings, plaques and tree bark reprocessing and presenting a visual re-examination of
texture, mark making, forensics, optics, distortions, history and fundamentally the
concepts and ambitions of the original. Distorting further the original with florescent
colours in ultra violet light accentuating the textures of the relief surfaces, defining
the space into installation and questioning the void between painting and sculpture.

The contemplation and rediscovery of past lives, nature, thoughts, actions and visual
language are central to his work juxtaposed with the modernity of reactive fluorescent
monochromatic colours, the textural reproduction of a found paintings expression and